Brain and Spinal Tumor Types and Treatments

There are many types of brain and spinal tumors, each requiring specialized attention and treatment. Our specialists at the Florida Hospital Brain and Spinal Cancer Program are highly qualified to treat brain and spinal tumors using the latest advances in modern medicine.

In fact, our program is one of the leaders in research and treatment of brain and spinal tumors in adults and children, offering the best possible outcomes.

Pediatric Brain Tumors

Treating children with brain tumors requires a very specialized skill set because a child's physiology and the types of tumors they can develop is very different from that of an adult. Understanding the different types of pediatric brain tumors is important to proper and timely treatment, as is knowing the proper diagnosis and grading of these cancers. The physicians at the Florida Hospital Brain and Spinal Cancer Program have extensive experience treating pediatric patients who have brain tumors. 

Adult Brain Tumor Treatments

Whether it is benign or malignant, a brain tumor is a very serious concern. As a brain tumor patient, you're sure to have many questions about the diagnosis, your prognosis, and your treatment plan.

The medical professionals at the Florida Hospital Brain and Spine Tumor Program are not only some of the most experienced and respected specialists in the brain tumor field, but they treat you as an integral member of the care team. They will be happy to answer all your questions without a lot of unnecessary jargon, review options completely and explore every avenue possible for effectively treating your brain tumor with the latest medical advances.

A variety of solutions may be employed, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or a combination. To offer you the best possible outcome, the Florida Hospital Brain and Spine Tumor Program has a dedicated team of neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, oncologists, neuro-oncologists and other healthcare providers on staff who are here for you every step of the way.

The following treatments are used in the Florida Hospital Brain and Spine Tumor Program to treat brain tumors in adults:

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Spine and Spinal Cord Tumor Treatments

No matter which treatment strategy is used, a primary goal of any spine or spinal cord tumor treatment is to prevent or reduce nerve damage caused by the tumor’s pressure on the spinal cord. 

The spinal tumor specialists at the Florida Hospital Brain and Spinal Cancer Program know all too well that the faster symptoms develop, the more quickly treatment must begin. Any new or unexplained pain in the back should be taken very seriously once you have been diagnosed with a tumor as it could mean your situation has changed.

Our team is very experienced in dealing with all types of spine and spinal cord tumors and will discuss the treatment options that are best for you given your type of cancer and its extent. 
Options for treatment include:

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Cancer Rehabilitation

Florida Hospital offers a cancer rehabilitation/lymphedema program that aims to decrease both physical and mental distress. Rehabilitation is available for patients diagnosed with cancer even before a surgery is performed.  For more information about the services offered by the Florida Hospital cancer rehabilitation/lymphedema program please click here

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