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Treatments for Cancer
Treatments for cancer have a single goal, though they accomplish it differently. The goal is to destroy, modify, control or remove cancerous cells. By eradicating tumors entirely, the hope is that the cancer can no longer spread or reoccur, allowing the patient to live a full life.

By knowing the different procedures and understanding how they work, however, it’s hoped that you and your doctor can choose a treatment regimen that will remove the tumor, get rid of remaining cancer cells in your body and prevent any recurrence.

Following are the major cancer treatments and therapies available today:

In use since the 1950s, chemotherapy is a treatment strategy where specific medicines, either alone or in combination, are used to kill cancerous cells. Depending on the nature of the cancer, chemotherapy may be used alone or in concert with surgery, radiation therapy or other forms of treatment.

da Vinci® Robotic Hysterectomy
A revolutionary approach to surgery of the reproductive organs. the da Vinci® robotic hysterectomy procedure combines the benefits of minimally invasive surgery with a surgeon’s skill to perform a hysterectomy through a very small incision. The result is less scarring, fewer complications and reduced recovery time.

A hysterectomy is a relatively common procedure where the uterus is removed surgically.

Minimally Invasive Surgery
By using laparoscopic tools, surgeons are able to conduct exacting cancer surgery through a very small incision that heals very quickly.

Radiation Therapy
One of the most common treatments for cancer, radiation therapy uses high-energy particles or waves to kill cancer cells. It is often used in combination with surgery or chemotherapy to ensure most or all of the cancer is destroyed.

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