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Premier Chemotherapy Treatment in Orlando

The cancer treatment experts at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute's Lung Cancer Clinic may recommend chemotherapy, either alone or in concert with radiation therapy and/or surgery.

Chemotherapy relies on a carefully controlled dose of drugs designed to stop the growth of cancer cells, either by killing them outright or by stopping them from dividing. Administered orally or injected directly into a vein, the drugs use the bloodstream to reach the cancer. This is known as systemic chemotherapy.

The method used and the chemotherapy regimen chosen depends on the type and stage of the cancer that needs to be treated. Experts at the FHCI Lung Cancer Clinic may recommend chemotherapy before surgery to shrink the tumor or in some cases after surgery to stop the growth of any cancer cells that may remain. You doctor will review all the strategies with you and answer all your questions before any treatment begins so you can make informed decisions about your own treatment.

At the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute's Esophageal Cancer Clinic, we embrace new approaches to esophageal cancer therapies that help reduce side effects while improving patient outcomes.

How Chemotherapy Treatment Works

Chemotherapy treats cancer of the esophagus by using drugs to destroy cancer cells, impeding their growth and ability to reproduce as a result. Sometimes known as "anticancer drugs", chemotherapy is administered orally, intravenously or by injection. The method used to administer the drugs and the type of chemotherapy deployed depends on the type and stage of the cancer that needs to be treated. In some cases, chemotherapy is used in coordination with the application of other treatments. In others, chemotherapy is utilized as a follow-up to kill any cancer cells that may remain, either after surgery and/or radiation therapy.

Our Comprehensive Care Strategy for Chemotherapy 

Our oncologists work with other members of the FHCI team to integrate chemotherapy strategies into your overall treatment program. This will provide you with an individual roadmap that best suits your situation and which promises the best possible outcome. Throughout your care, you will be kept in the loop regarding treatment options and your progress. It is our goal to treat you as a partner in your own care.

Using drugs to stop the growth of cancer cells, either by killing them or stopping them from dividing, chemotherapy is often used in concert with surgery or radiation to eradicate remaining cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be administered orally or injected into the veins, depending on the location of the cancer and the desired outcome. When more than one anticancer drug is used, it is known as combination chemotherapy. The effectiveness of chemotherapy in treating mesothelioma depends largely on the location and staging of the disease. Physicians  at the FHCI will review your options with you before any treatment plan is put into effect and will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns regarding chemotherapy and mesothelioma.

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