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I Can Cope Program Info

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I Can Cope Program

Learn more. Feel supported. The I Can Cope® Program helps you and your family understand what to expect and how to navigate this new life. I Can Cope® is a structured educational program for adults with cancer and their family members and friends. This is a comprehensive resource to help patients and their caregivers manage the impact of cancer on their lives.

Our meeting times vary. Please call us to schedule a date and time that works for you.

To learn more about our support services, call (407) 303-1700 or complete our assistance form.

I Can Cope® classes are available online at:

Online Cancer Help Library

We've seen first-hand that patient education is key to feeling confident and empowered throughout your treatment journey. That’s why we’ve created an extensive education resource to help you better understand your specific tumor type. The more you and your support system know about your condition and how to care for yourself before, during and after your cancer treatment, the more likely you are to follow your team’s medical recommendations throughout the process.

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