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What are Care Coordinators?

The FHCI's comprehensive approach to your treatment seeks to deliver care in a logical, connected and timely manner, so that both your medical and personal needs are met. That's sometimes difficult for you as the patient or even your family member to achieve alone. The Cancer Care Coordinator's role is to advocate for quality care by:

  • Strengthening information sharing: making sure vital links are there between care providers
  • Improving delivery of treatments: ensuring the care plan is delivered in a complementary and timely manner
  • Building relationships: being there as a "hand to hold" during this time, and keeping links between past, current and future care

As the link between you, your doctor and others on the team, these professionals ensure that you have the education, support and resources you need to make informed choices. Services are tailored to your individual needs, including:

  • Comprehensive nursing assessment and support
  • Rapid scheduling of all appointments and consultations
  • Assistance with coordination of providers and procedures
  • Symptom management
  • Ongoing education and disease information
  • Assistance with second opinions
  • Access to the FHCI's clinical trials

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Schedule an Appointment

Cancer Care Coordinators can be reached by email or phone, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. EST. To schedule an appointment with a Care Coordinator, call (407) 303-1700 or click here to fill out an online assistance form.

Your free call will be answered by a specially trained oncology health care professional and remain confidential. No insurance authorization or referral is necessary. If calling after hours, please leave a detailed message, and you will be contacted within one business day.