Chemotherapy to Treat Head & Neck Cancer

Florida Hospital Cancer Institute offers chemotherapy for treating head and neck cancer in Orlando. Chemotherapy creates a difficult environment for the cancer, and lessens the chances it will travel to other sites.  Various anti-cancer drugs are administered by an intravenous line (IV), several hours at a time, over the course of days or weeks. Taxol and Carboplatin are often used individually and in combination. Chemotherapy for head and neck cancer can often be difficult for the patient and the ability to tolerate its side effects plays a role in how treatments are administered. Newer drugs with less toxicity are being employed more commonly such as cetuximab. The following types of head and neck chemotherapy may be recommended by your physician. 

External beam therapy (EBT): External beam therapy is used to treat head and neck cancer by delivering high-energy x-rays to the tumor. These external beams of radiation can destroy cancer cells.

Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT): Intensity-modulated radiation therapy is used to treat head and neck cancer by delivering high-precision radiotherapy to a malignant tumor or a specific area within the tumor. This type of radiation is designed to conform to the three-dimensional (3-D) shape of the tumor by modulating—or controlling—the intensity of the radiation beam to focus a higher radiation dose to the tumor while minimizing radiation exposure to healthy cells. 

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