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Premier Head, Neck & Skin Cancer Care in Orlando

The Florida Hospital Cancer Institute the latest and most effective diagnosis, treatment, and longterm care for head and neck cancer in Orlando. At FHCI, we care for more newly diagnosed cancer patients than any other facility in the United States. Our experienced physicians and support staff are some of the most elite in the nation, bolstering our nationally-recognized Head and Neck Cancer Program as a "high-performing" facility by US News & World Report. We offer the latest technologies and state-of-the-art incision-less surgeries, multidisciplinary care teams and compassionate clinical care for you and your family. For more information about treatment for head and neck cancer in Orlando, or to schedule an appointment, call (407) 303-1700 or click here to fill out an online assistance form.

Head and neck cancers generally require a variety of different therapies. To properly diagnose and treat these conditions, we take a specialized approach, incorporating the most effective care from start to finish for our patients. At Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, our Head and Neck Cancer Program features the largest group of otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat surgeons) in Central Florida, along with radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, a dedicated Head & Neck Cancer Care Coordinator and other specialists. 

Personalized Head & Neck Cancer Care, Just for You

Our Head and Neck Cancer Program in Orlando provides excellence in oncology services to every clinic, including head, neck, and skin cancer. These services are available to you at no extra charge during diagnosis and treatment. These services assist patients with the practical and emotional challenges faced when undergoing treatment.

  • Individual and group counseling. Get support and education to deal with anxiety or depression during the period of illness adjustment, for both patient and caregiver
  • Stress management information
  • Home health care, hospice or other in-home care support referrals
  • Information about advanced directives; living will, health care power of attorney
  • Assistance in obtaining medical equipment and supplies
  • Assistance in accessing funding from support organizations (Financial disability information, medication assistance programs, as well as income interpretation issues
  • Lodging referrals
  • Resources for prosthetic devices
  • Referrals to community mental health professional for long term care follow up

Insurance & Housing Support

Your health insurance policy determines treatment coverage and limits. One of our insurance specialists will submit a formal written request to your insurance company to determine the extent of coverage for related costs. Other sources of funding are also available and we can help you investigate those alternate avenues.

Social and Psychological Support

At your disposal is a full complement of professionals dedicated to maintaining and improving your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as you deal with this stressful chapter of your life. Psychologists, psychiatrists, child life specialists, social workers, clergy and a lodging coordinator are all available to help. Patients and family members will meet with a psychologist and social workers to develop a workable support plan to take forward with you.

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Types of Head and Neck Cancer

The following are some specific types of head and neck cancer treated at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute:

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How We Treat Head and Neck Cancer

Depending on the location of the cancer, its progress, and the age and health of the patient, physician care teams at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute will create an individualized treatment plan for patients and their families. In many cases, head and neck cancer conditions require a combination of treatments and highly specialized surgical procedures. Your care team will consult with you on what your treatment plan will involve, and tailor it to best suit your needs. In addition to the latest treatments, we are engaged heavily in research and head and neck cancer clinical trials in order to explore every possibility that may lead to a cure. A nationally-recognzied cancer care facility, Florida Hospital Cancer Institute is accredited by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer (COC) and the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI). 

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Request an Appointment

For more information about treatment for head and neck cancer in Orlando, or to schedule an appointment, call (407) 303-1700 or click here to fill out an online assistance form.

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