Colorectal cancer is primarily treated with surgical removal of the part of the colon with the tumor.  Surgery options include open surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and robotic surgery depending on the location and size of the tumor.  Florida Hospital Cancer Institute surgeons are expert in all three modalities, and will be able to counsel you regarding the best surgical method for treatment of your disease.  Depending on the stage of the cancer and its location, additional treatment with chemotherapy may be recommended.  Radiation therapy is almost never necessary for colon cancer. 

Rectal cancer differs from colon cancer due to location of the rectum in the bony pelvis, making surgical removal with negative margins more difficult.  For rectal cancer, surgical resection is the primary treatment.  However, for some cases, radiation with chemotherapy prior to surgery is necessary to improve the chances of complete removal of the cancer.  Further treatment with chemotherapy after surgery depends of the stage of the cancer.  Due to the complexity of treating rectal cancer, treatment is individualized for every patient.  

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Cancer Rehabilitation

Florida Hospital offers a cancer rehabilitation/lymphedema program that aims to decrease both physical and mental distress. Rehabilitation is available for patients diagnosed with cancer even before a surgery is performed.  For more information about the services offered by the Florida Hospital cancer rehabilitation/lymphedema program please click here

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