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Lung cancer is by far the most common form of cancers found in the thorax or chest, but there are other cancerous or benign tumors that can involve the spine (schwannoma), rib cage (chondrosarcoma) and mediastinum (thymic carcinoma or thymoma).

If a rare form of cancer is part of your diagnosis, the thoracic cancer team at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute (FHCI) has the experience and expertise you're looking for to properly diagnose the disease and treat it. Whether it's a benign tumor such as schwannoma or a malignancy like those found in pulmonary blastoma, liposarcoma or angiosarcoma, our multidisciplinary team approach at FHCI ensures that you will receive the most comprehensive, coordinated care in the region to treat these uncommon types of cancer.

To speak with our team of medical professionals and learn more about uncommon malignancies, or if you would like to request an appointment, contact us today.