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Oncology social workers are Licensed Clinical Social Workers who help patients and families face the emotional and practical challenges of cancer.

At the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, services provided by an oncology social worker are available at no charge from the point of diagnosis, throughout treatment and into survivorship.  Our oncology social worker’s are assigned to every oncology clinic at the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, on all campuses.  

Oncology Social Worker Services

Services provided by an oncology social worker include:

  • individual, family and group counseling
  • assistance accessing local community, state and federal cancer support resources. 

An oncology social worker’s focus is to relieve distress, enhance coping skills, address financial concerns, transportation hurdles, social security and disability issues, insurance needs and changes in status of care.  An oncology social worker can also help access resources for wigs, prosthetics, prescription and nutritional assistance. If you find yourself in need of a social worker, visit our team page for more information.

Support Programs

Our Oncology Social Work program includes monthly support programs including:

Contact An Oncology Social Worker

In order to access oncology social worker services, please call 407-303-5999. Additionally, you can ask a staff member in your Medical or Radiation Oncology Clinic for the name of your oncology social worker, they can facilitate a referral.