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Get a Second Opinion

Benefits of a Second Opinion

Many people would like a second opinion after receiving a cancer diagnosis. It is a common practice, and most doctors are comfortable with the request. A second opinion can make you feel more confident about your diagnosis and treatment decisions.  

Speak with your doctor if you would like a second opinion. He/she can help you prepare for that visit and may recommend another oncology specialist. 

Reasons for seeking a second opinion:

  • Confirm your diagnosis 
  • Discuss treatment options
  • Obtain additional insights about your cancer type 
  • Gain a different perspective from experts in other oncology disciplines, including medical, radiation, and surgical oncology
  • Explore clinical trials

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How to Prepare 

Your initial visit with your doctor has provided information you can use to prepare for your second-opinion visit. With a little preparation, you’ll get more out of the visit.

  • Speak with the doctor who initially diagnosed you for a referral recommendation, or call Florida Hospital at (407) 303-1700 to help set an appointment with our specialists
  • Request medical records from your initial doctor be forwarded*
  • Request pertinent imaging and test results* 
  • Anticipate a comprehensive evaluation from your second doctor  
  • Be open to repeating or undergoing additional diagnostic testing 
  • Prepare questions about treatment options

*If you are seeing another oncology specialist at Florida Hospital, your records and tests may be accessible to that doctor. As long as they are on the same EMR (electronic medical record system).