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The Florida Hospital Cancer Institute proudly offers the following support groups:  Download our Support Group Flyer


Art Therapy

A mental health profession that uses the creative process in visual art making to improve and enhance the overall well-being of individuals of all ages

Blood and Marrow Transplant Support Group

The group is open to patients and caregivers and includes emotional support, peer support and education. 

Body Image Cancer Support Group

Patients who are diagnosed with cancer face many challenges — body image is no exception. For a cancer patient, body image is more of a battle for regaining ones identity, both physically and emotionally. 

Breast Cancer Support Group

Florida Hospital offers this monthly support group for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Facilitated by a licensed healthcare professional, this group addresses the emotional and practical concerns experienced during and after treatment. .

Eating Well During Treatment

The Center for Nutritional Excellence and Florida Hospital Cancer Institute have partnered with Florida Hospital Cooking Center to provide live cooking demonstrations and nutritional information for patients during all stages of treatment. The group is facilitated by a registered dietitian, chef and social work services at Florida Hospital.

Eden: The Spa for Image Discovery

For the woman facing life's most delicate challenges, FHCI offers a calming atmosphere where she can explore resources to meet those challenges with strength, dignity, sensitivity and faith: Eden. Located on the ground floor of the FHCI in Orlando, Eden presents an array of services and products including post-mastectomy breast forms, specialty bras, wigs and designer headwear, massages, facials, manicures and more. For a full description of products and services, click here.

Gynecologic Cancer Support Group (R.O.S.E.)

Reaching Others through Support and Education (ROSE) is an ongoing group offering support and education for women affected by gynecological cancers. 

Head and Neck Support Group

The Florida Hospital Cancer Institute has partnered with Support for People with Oral, Head & Neck Cancer (SPOHNC) to hold monthly meetings offering information, support and encouragement to newly diagnosed patients, survivors, family members and friends. 

I Can Cope Program

I Can Cope® is a structured educational program for adults with cancer and their family members and friends. I Can Cope® is a comprehensive resource to help patients and their caregivers manage the impact of cancer on their lives. Classes are available online at: Cancer.org/onlineclasses 

Individual/Family Counseling and Education

Our oncology social workers are Licensed Clinical Social Workers who assist patients and their families through the emotional and practical challenges often associated when diagnosed with cancer. For more information, click here.

Look Good, Feel Better

The Florida Hospital Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society have partnered to offer adult female patients a free makeover by a trained and licensed cosmetologist. 

Men’s Urologic Cancer Support Group

This group provides education and support for prostate cancer patients and their families.

For additional information, call (407) 303-1700. 

Metastatic Cancer Support Group

Florida Hospital offers a bi-monthly support group for women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. This group addresses the emotional and practical concerns experienced during and after treatment.

Music Therapy

An allied health profession that involves the clinical and evidence-based use of music and music interventions by a board-certified music therapist to improve a person’s health and well-being.

Nutritional Counseling

Individual nutritional assessment and education services are available by a registered, licensed dietician. These services focus on the unique eating and nutritional challenges faced by people living with cancer. The goal is to maximize the body's ability to respond to cancer treatment and to minimize nutritionally related distress from side effects of cancer treatment. For more information, click here.

Patient and Caregiver Support Group

This group meets on the second Wednesday of every month and is open to all cancer patients and caregivers. Services include counseling, peer support and education. 

Patient to Patient Support Program

This program assists in coordinating patients to connect "one on one" with another who has a similar diagnoses or circumstance. For more information, see your oncology social worker in your clinic for details.

Prostate Cancer Support Group

Florida Hospital Cancer Institute Orlando offers a monthly support group which will start April 2018. This group is open to all prostate cancer patients and caregivers and addresses the emotional, physical, practical, and sexual concerns experienced during and after treatment. 

Spiritual Support

Florida Hospital recognizes that comprehensive health care embraces the whole person-body, mind, and spirit. Spiritual support is provided by a team of chaplains who are available for the primary purpose of ministering to the spiritual and emotional needs of patients and families. If you are seeking pastoral counseling, prayer, a sacrament, or connection to your own religious community, please call (407) 303-1700.

Women's and Girls' Cancer Alliance Lunch Bunch

This group meets every other month at the Florida Hospital for Women Orlando - Community Education Classroom. ​

Additional Support

For an updated list of community support groups, ask your designated social worker. 

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To learn more about the support services provided at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, call (407) 303-1700 or click here to fill out an online assistance form.