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Most patients choose to participate in a clinical trial in hopes of finding a better treatment or cure. While there are no guarantees, investigators believe that the treatment options offered through clinical trials will be comparable or better than current conventional care. If a new treatment option is proven to work, and you are participating in the clinical trial, you will be among the first to benefit.

Each trial offers its own opportunities and risks, but many people find that all clinical trials offer these benefits in common:

  • Health care provided by leading physicians in the field of cancer research
  • Access to new drugs and interventions before they are widely available
  • Close monitoring of your health care and any side effects
  • A more active role in your own health care
  • If the approach being studied is found to be helpful, you may be among the first to benefit
  • An opportunity to make a valuable contribution to cancer research.

Clinical Trial Safeguards

Both conventional care and clinical trials have risks, side effects and benefits that vary depending on the individual. However, there are rigorous guidelines in place to protect the well-being and safety of clinical trial participants. All clinical trials at the FHCI's Clinical Research Center have been reviewed and approved for appropriateness and safety through the Institutional Review Board (IRB), made up of physicians and non-physicians. The investigator conducting the study will explain any known or anticipated risks ahead of time. This information is contained in the informed consent as well. Also, clinical-trial participants are monitored closely to identify any changes in their condition.

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